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30 November 2014


The Ashes……

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UPDATE December 2014

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Another 10+ months have disappeared. Since the last update, we all departed from Milan on 27th June 2014, with some leisure time in London.

Dean’s job in Milan did not develop as planned so he has been assigned to a large development in Mozambique but being based in London as at present there are no opportunities back within Eni Australia, so this was the best option. Whilst not ideal, he will commute back to Perth 3-4 times a year so hopefully in between we can also visit UK.

For us, we headed back to the home land end July with Mitchell getting back into the local scene and school which we booked when he was born at Aquinas. Furniture arrived in September from Milan plus all the items in storage. Unpacking was a nightmare and still now in December we are fixing fixing repairing repairing but other than the kitchen we should be all done by Xmas.

This year Xmas will be at our place for the first time in 8 years and since Dean’s parents both passed, so we are all looking forward to this.

Whilst overseas, we also purchased a holiday home in Dunsborough, with the idea of using this in the long term to relax and part of relaxation and enjoyment for eventually when Dean retires, so after Xmas we hope to utilise for the first real time since we got established.

For now, we are torn between the two countries, but at least Dean has family close and he is enjoying his photography and seeing the sights of London with lots of walking.



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Lots of love from the Knowles’s
Dean, Gemma and Mitchell

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