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Cruise, The Baltic, 2010, July - Part 2

Part 2

Today is Saturday and on our second last day so decided to get this web page upto date to allow rest and preparation for departure from the ship.

Seems, our ship is either tooooooo large for the harbours or the ship line prefers to utilise the cheaper or industrial harbours versus the central city based harbours. For both Helsinki and Stockholm we berthed at locations outside of the centre where other sips were in the central area, meaning we could not walk and had to rely upon buses to get into town. That said this was more additional money impact rather than time as it was only like 10-20 minutes away.

Helsinki.....rather disappointing as Gem and myself had high hopes of this being like Oslo or even Stockholm. We only had a small amount of time so 4 of us ventured into town, Mitchee stayed on board as he did not want to miss Kids Club and likewise this was same for Stockholm. I have included a few shots, but our impressions was not that good. Given the day was also hot we only stayed in town for 3 hours then returned to the ship for late lunch. Maybe if we had more time it would be different, but not a place we would want to maybe revisit.

Stockholm on the other hand, this was fantastic.

We were slightly outside of town, but when we arrived in the centre, it was better than we expected, mind you several people had told us how good it was, but this is one of the BEST places we have visited and worth maybe another trip.

The Gamla-Stan which is a separate island housing the parliament surrounded by water, then connecting the Old to New Towns. The main harbour was at the base of this as was the Kings Palace. Given time limitations, we walked and spent most time in the Old Town, no traffic and lines with cobble streets. The photos do not do any justice, but I hope you enjoy.

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The Eurodam is the largest within the HAL Fleet, housing 2,914 people. There were many shots from this vessel, so I have included them on a single photo shoot, including a fantastic sunrise when approaching Helsinki when I was walking around the deck early morning.

See PHOTOs from EURODAM by
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Today, the weather is raining and stormy, which is typical as we are near base of Sweden and close to Norway, so not much happening in the pool or outside. Mitchell just loves the Kids Club and we can not take him away, he wakes up and immediately wants to go and during the harbour days he wants to stay which is maybe good as we can get to see the sights. Tomorrow we arrive in Kiel, Germany which is the last day, and we plan to stay on board, so thus why we complete the web page today as we will not have any shots. We arrive 7am Monday into Copenhagen, then we head for airport on way to London.

End of Part 2, the Cruise, now bound for London, lots of love, Dean, Gem, Mitchee, Kerry and Mike xoxoxox