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London, 2010-2011


London, Here today, gone tomorrow.

Finally, we are in situ, arrived, unpacked and now settling into normal day life. Life is very fast, not like the lazy dazy pace of Stavanger, but very up tempo. Gem can’t wait for Mitchee to start school as since closure in June at Stavanger till start in September, it has been somewhat challenging to say the least.

Gem can’t get over the selection as for 3 years it has been very limiting, so it takes her 2 hours browsing through Sainbury’s or Waitrose supermarkets as this is becoming heaven for her, the problem is that the fridge is not that large, so the adventure re-begins 2 days later, but she enjoys this. Gem also now has iPod applications to match and more shopping lists that you can imagine.

For myself, work is much different to Norway and more attuned to the big city. As our house is located in the middle of 3 tube stations ie Putney Bridge, Parsons Green or Hammersmith, it takes more time to walk, tube and walk again than catching the bus. That said, I have commenced riding to work, so I take clothes into office on Sunday morning then cycle for 4 days. The trip is rather nice, through Bishops Park, along New Kings Road then Kings Road onto Chelsea Embankment into office. Total time 20 minutes versus bus of 35 minutes.

The house is right next door to Fulham FC ie short for FFC, also ironically the same as my favourite team ie Fremantle Football Club, FFC, so their must be some omen. We joined as season ticket holders given our location and the first match at home was Fulham v Man United which ended in 2-2.
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So on this page we will link to several of our journeys and visits within London or surrounding locations.
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Oxford 28.08.2010

Snow in London December 2010 - London to a standstill. We could not believe the amount falling in such short time. We went for walk to Putney only to return 1 hour later with traffic at standstill and buses gridlocked. Snow was about 6in thick.

Cornwall 15.02.2011 - Cornwall the home of Doc Martin. We stayed in the actual village where the TV show is set. The apartment was on the slipway looking straight out to sea, just fantastic and relaxing. Worth a visit not just once....

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Lots of love, Dean, Gem and Mitchee xoxoxox