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Mitchell’s Schools

Welcome home to Mitchell’s Aussie School

Returning home end 2014 meant Mitch had to redo part of Year 7. This was good for him to settle back into the routine for school in Aust. Aquinas is well known with our family so the school has lots of history. Mitch has taken heavy to swimming, at first very behind from the years away but within some months he has changed dramatically. Music and his enjoyment for volleyball will help him through his journey’s but now he can establish back to finish his school years in WA. He also enjoys riding to school with his freedom, though at times he wishes to easy way i.e. car home.

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Aquinas College IMG_3503

Welcome to Mitchee’s Italian School.

Can you believe it, that its 2013, the start of European schooling and Mitchell starts Year 7 with the commencement into high school. There were many challenges with selecting the right school and home location, but we finally selected Sir James Henderson which is based on the British system and more suited to Mitchee’s way of working.

This year we must admit was better than all the others as he seems to have settled far quicker than before. IT’s the only school that has accreditation towards the Royal Academy of Music. He has already take to guitar and drums (heaven forbid) and joined into Badminton and Volleyball.

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Sir James Henderson


Welcome to Mitchee’s Korean School.

Late Last Year, Mitchell changed schools. He is now at the Busan International School located not far from Haeundae Beach in Busan. He is now in Grade 5B.

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Grade 5Bphotostreamphotostream

Mitchee’s previous school was the Hyundai Foreign School. As the name suggests, the school is run by the Hyundai company. The school is located near the shipyard, which is in 2 parts, being major ship yard and the Offshore yard used by major oil projects. The school is within the old foreigners compound, but the environment is great with swimming pool etc and the kids run free so most expats like this situation.

Photos are of Mitchee’s first day at school.

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Hyundai Foreign School.

Welcome to Mitchee’s London School.

One of the greatest challenges was finding the house linked to the school. We have heard so many stories about schooling in the UK, but our timing must have been great. Gemma starting researching very early once we knew we were moving and had contacted many schools, surprisingly we had majority respond with potential available places. Next was to find a house, after viewing 24 houses the only one in which e could obtain location for both was Fulham area and this school was then the most likely.

The school itself is about 20-25 minutes walk from our house and is right next also to The Queens Tennis Club which is the lead up match to Wimbledon in June/July. Here is Mitch in front of the school when we did a trial walk.

Alternative is for Gem to drop him or catch the 74 bus at end of street and this drops just behind the school.

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Fulham Prep School which has a video you can watch.

View walking map here on how to get from our house by
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