The Adventures of the Knowles'

South Korea, 2011 to 2013

Hyundai Tigers

Korea, the new horizon.

Well, we have arrived, settled and into the Asian lifestyle. Nowhere the same as London, which we were getting use to, but anyway this is life and we will make the most of it.

The apartment selected by Dean is fantastic. We get some amazing views during day and night-time. Including the recent typhoon in September 2012 when heavy rains also brings river flooding.


The apartment is set next to and parallel to the “Taehwa River” (Click this link) which is fantastic as there are great cycle and walking parks constructed of reclaimed rubber, in addition to that each maybe 500 mtrs there are exercise stations which the Korean’s utilise all the time. Mitchell can use either his bike or scooter, depending on his mood. Each Sunday at least we attempt to venture on an early morning walk, the reward at the end is coffee for us and pretzel with hot chocolate for Mitchee at our favourite location next to apartment namely Tom n Toms.

So, what do we do for fun. Ulsan itself is an industrial town with 2 million people, so it is always busy and shops open all hours. Ulsan City is split between Old and New Town, with our apartment based in the older part which is being modernised. The site project people are split over 4 locations, being Dong-Gu which is in the locality of the ship yard where most are either single or married with no kids, then Busan which is further south of Ulsan and an additional 1 hour travel, mainly with majority of the Norwegian’s from the project and with children older than that can attend the Hyundai School, or then Ulsan New Town and finally Ulsan Old Town which is us.

This year Gemma found what she has been looking for some time, a very old furniture man from Gyongju whom hand made a Chinese medicine side board and entry chair with fantastic quality.


One of the other close attractions is the Ulsan grand park. Here are some fantastic photos from Cherry Blossom season, Rose Festival and Trick Art Museum 2012


Click on either Site 1 or Site 2 to see more information about the Park and/or Local attractions to Ulsan.

Our adventures from Korea are:
1. Osaka and Kyoto, Japan in November 2011 which included Universal Studios
San Francisco, USA in January 2012 for Callum’s 21st
Hawaii, USA in March 2012 for family holiday
4. Vietnam, in July 2012 for family holiday
World Expo, Yeosu, Korea, in August 2012
Tokyo, Japan, in November 2012 for family holiday
Ulsan Life

Lots of love, Dean, Gem and Mitchee xoxoxox