The Adventures of the Knowles'

Amsterdam, 2010, June

Well, with the Company asking me to take holiday sooner than expected, we managed to fit in some travel to Amsterdam. In addition we got a house boat in the canals which was also something we had wanted to try, not cheap but we thought why not give it a go.

Arriving late afternoon, we had to await the local person for the key, unfortunately he was a student and also late on arrival, but he also showed up totally drunk, so we did not really get good impression at the beginning. The house boat was as per link, which is included below.

House Boat Web Page

Upon checking, it was not clean, towels still in washing machine, bin still full etc, so we called the owner whom also was upset and he came around the next day to do a full clean. That done, it was reasonable, but we would not pay that amount of money again for such a location, LESSON learned.

The location would have been better on the other side ie West near Jordaan, as to get to most locations we had to walk via the RED Light district which is not so good for Mitchee.

So what did we think of Amsterdam ????

Compared to other cities, we were a bit disappointed with the amount of litter and rubbish compared to other locations visited. Also the idea of the cycling is fantastic, but they really need to look at how to remove OLD and rusted bikes never touched for many months, maybe even create a system like Barcelona which puts the onus on the owner to return otherwise there is cost involved.

We visited the Heineken Brewery, Van Gogh Museum, Nemo Centre (which is like Sci-Tech back in Perth), Cycle hire around the streets and Vondelpark.

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See ya next time, from our Cruise, lots of love, Dean, Gem and Mitchee xoxoxox