The Adventures of the Knowles'

Cruise, The Baltic, 2010, July - Part 1

Ciao all from the 3rd level deck of the Eurodam. We are now in port at St Petersburg, Russia and Gemma is busy watching The Right Move movie with her parents and Mitchee is in the kids club called Club HAL (short for Holland-American Lines), and I am relaxing just filling in time doing this web page.

Here’s proof !!!! me in a deck chair relaxing to Russian radio

We finally got all packed, house cleaned and departed Norway for the last time. The timing was most likely the best as most of our friends or other expats were also leaving in this summer. The day of departure was typical Norwegian weather so we left on a wet day. The last days were spent at Sola Strand hotel but the flight for Copenhagen was at 6am so it was early rise for all of us on the Thursday morning.

On the plane bound for Copenhagen !!!! We arrived and headed straight for the hotel, Scandic Copenhagen where we were to meet Kerry and Mike (Gem’s parents) so of course Mitchee was excited. Arrival was early in morning at 8am so met them for breakfast, left our luggage in their room as ours was not ready then headed into Copenhagen for the day.

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Finally Friday arrives and we head for the cruise ship which is not far from the hotel, but we are now 5 with lots of bags. The majority of the tour operators left early morning so we arrived after lunch to be greeted by still large queues in the heat of the afternoon, however the boarding process was well organised and seamless.

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The ship departed and we were off. All Mitchee wanted to do is hit the kids club given the good reviews from his cousin Alilish, so he could not wait. The first day was on the seas then we arrived into Tallin, Estonia in which we all went ashore to review. Very nice but it was rather warm and Mitchee more than most of us struggled, but he had a motive to get back to the Kids Club......

During the cruising was also the WORLD CUP, of course given the name of the cruise we had lots of Dutch crew so the TV’s and screens all had the cup live and lots of
ORANGE. Unfortunately they did not win so the Spanish were enjoying this moment even outnumbered.

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The next days was off to St Petersburg, which we decided to stay on board as we did not get Visa’s and the majority of the shore excursions were taken.

End of Part 1, the Cruise, lots of love, Dean, Gem, Mitchee, Kerry and Mike xoxoxox