The Adventures of the Knowles'

Italy, 2013-2014

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Italy, the land of food and wine… let’s start !!!!

The food is vast and sooooooooo nice. We can’t wait to taste the regional delights. Gem really wishes to spend time at cooking schools, hopefully without buying any more cook books, as then we need to obtain another container when we leave. Here is a selection of what we have tasted so far…..yum yum.


We both joined the local sporting club, which has several pools, both outside and inside, plus restaurant, Gym and many facilities. As with most things here, the club opens around 8 or 9am, so does not accomodate the aussie way of early start prior to work, thus with with working till past 5pm and travel home, it means the utilisation is less than one would like. Here are some shots of the local area and beauty.

2013-08-24 11.18.08IMG_1560IMG_1559

See link for more details ->

Our first tour of the city extended to Breda, which is not far from the centre, called Duomo. Here is a taste of this lovely country and to wet the appetite for the potential many visitors to follow.


Xmas 2013 was to be in Switzerland. We booked apartment in a small town called Wilderswil which is very close to Interlaken. Our aim was to have snow on Xmas day, but unfortunately we did not succeed, however, Boxing Day was snowing when we awoke so our walk in the morning was fantastic.
To our surprise, we could not get over the change from Italy to Switzerland once we crossed the border. The roads, cleanliness, scenery etc was mind bowing.
During our trip we visited Interlaken, Bern, Thun, Brienz and Luzern….all these locations were just fantastic. I would rate however, Luzern as one of the best.
So enjoy some moments of our journey over Xmas, from the link below.

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2013-12-25 12.00.542013-12-25 17.41.00P1050009P1050010

So let’s start our Italian journey……………..

Our adventures from Milano are:
1. San Gimignano a medieval town about 3 hours drive south of Milan in Tuscany
2. Lake Como a Saturday drive to the lake with lunch in small off road cafe
3. Bolzano is a small town on the Austrian border. Here are traditional Xmas Markets on the edge of the Dolomites
4. Wilderswil, Interlaken, Thun, Bern, Brienz and Luzern, Switerland Xmas 2013 and our visit to Switzerland
5. Bergamo Alta a weekend away to start 2014. Bergamo is a walled town. We stayed in the centre. This is from the high part.
6. Lucca and Pisa another beautiful wall city of Lucca. Travel extended to Pisa, which comes from no where when approaching.
7. Monterosso one of the 5 Lands (Chique terra) just south west of Milan. Fantastic to see and enjoy.
8. Venice the land of water. Kerry and Mike joined us on this visit. Mitch had school camp so it was good time also.

Lots of love, Dean, Gem and Mitchee