The Adventures of the Knowles'


Life in Ulsan, South Korea

Its been some time since our last update back in May 2012, but with busy times we haven’t had chance to update our website.

Since May we have been to Vietnam in July, visited the World Expo in Korea during August then back to Perth for Xmas…hohoho (see the links to the various photo pages)
The highlight was visiting Tokyo, as like with Osaka, Japan has really cleaned up there country and it was most enjoyable venturing around such an exciting place.
The most unusual is the busiest cross walk in the world as seen here.


May also bought new challenges for Dean, as in this month he was made overall in charge of the Project as FPSO Site Manager and with such change he has been extremely busy in a very demanding project. The Project completion is now not due until end 2013/early 2014 so we will be here for at least another full year. After this is anyone’s guess as it may continue through to the hookup period back in Norway or given discussions with his bosses even back in UK or over to Milan. In any case it is depending on duration as we need to have some time for Mitchell’s schooling.

Here is some open public information on the Project which maybe of interest :-)

Goliat Overview and Interview - Bottom Right

Goliat Living Quarter Lift

Mitchell is settling into school with some close friends and we can not believe how much and quickly he has grown. He has taken much to computer including his main love Minecraft which is beyond us both.

For something different, click this link to view a video (via youtube) that someone within the apartment block has taken of his ride to work at HHI yard which is the same way I ride when I get a chance.
Click here.

Since arriving, we have visited Seoul, Osaka Japan including Kyoto, Hong Kong for Xmas and Dean to San Francisco. Ironically some of our close friends from Norway have now immigrated to Perth, so welcome to Aussie, Mark & Sally plus Eric & Madeleine with families. So how come we in Korea !!!!

See the beauty of Korea during the
Cherry Blossom’s in March/April 2012 in Ulsan Grand Park and Gyeongju.